Synchronizer Ticket Support System

Welcome to Synchronizer Ticket Support System (STSS)

Use this system to:
* Ask pre-sales or payment-related question,
* Ask technical support question,
* Propose a feature or comment on the product.

We use web-based support system instead of email because:
* You can see the history of a support ticket,
* If your ISP does not deliver our reply to you, you can see our reply in STSS,
* We can respond faster as several support representatives can handle one ticket.

Email address that you enter here identifies you to the system, so you should enter the same email here every time you login to STSS.
* The email that you enter will also be used to send replies to you.
* We will not use this email address for spamming or advertising, it will be used only to send replies to your questions.

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